DGK Stay Smokin’ Socks – Black & Grey

When most people think of weed socks, or weed leaf print anything, a lot of people immediately think of the HUF Plantlife line of clothing and accessories...but there is also another super huge line of marijuana print clothing and accessories, and that comes from DGK, one of the sickest skate companies ever, headed up by the man, Stevie Williams.  The Dirty Ghetto Kids Stay Smokin' socks are just smooth and clean as the other weed socks on the market, but also feature the tagline "Stay Smokin" around the top of the sock, giving it that extra little bit the other brands don't.

dgk black and grey weed socks

The Black and Grey colorway in these socks is definitely one of my favorites; it's a cool sock that looks good while you're skating, in church, at work, or getting picked up for possession charges.  Under your pants it just looks like a classy, black dress sock, but you know whats really goin on.  Like the HUF socks, the DGK weed leaf socks are very high in demand and often times sell out pretty quickly.  Check out some of these auctions on the black and grey DGK Stay Smokin' socks below!

weed socks online

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  3. […] big sports teams' colorways too.  I don't know if that was the plan with these yellow & Purple stay smokin' socks, but these might as well be L.A. Lakers socks.  I'll bet you $100 that there is at least one pair […]

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