HUF Plantlife Ski Mask – Black & Green

What da hell?  HUF has been expanding the Plantlife collection like crazy - first it was baby weed socks, boxers, hats and shirts...and now we got damn ski masks?  I guess it makes sense for the cold winter months we are stuck in; no one is really going to notice the sick colors of your socks stuck beneath 4 inches of your fat ass winter snow suit so we better get something else to wear that has a BAD ASS POT LEAF on it.  I guess these things are pretty cool though...they are coming out in quite a few're just looking at the black & green Plantlife ski mask right now.  What do you think?  Tell us on the Weed Sock Facebook page.

weed-ski-maskCan you tell it is a ski mask in that picture?  You can definitely see all of the marijuana leaves all over it and the HUF tag down there at the bottom.

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