HUF x High Times Galaxy Pocket Tee

If you are rocking some black and green HUF Plantlife socks, you should obviously also  be wearing a black and green HUF x High Times Galaxy Pocket Tee to complete the look!  This is another item that has become hard to find and sold out in most places other than the almighty eBay!

huf high times tee

This tee shirt, like all HUF shirts, is extremely comfortable and excellently screen printed!  The pocket logo is super sick, check out the close-up below.  Now you can have marijuana leaf prints on your pocket to match the weed leaves on your socks.  Some may say it's overkill...but who gives a shit.

huf high times galaxy pocket

Check out some of the available HUF x High Times Galaxy Pocket Tees for sale through the following eBay auctions below!  Cop ya one before its too late!

No items matching the keyword phrase "huf high times galaxy pocket tee black" were found. This could be due to the keyword phrase used, or could mean your server is unable to communicate with Ebays RSS2 Server.


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