DGK Stay Smokin’ Weed Socks – Yellow & Purple

Weed socks are being produced for all types of special occasions and holidays, including Halloween; it would only make sense to make some weed socks using big sports teams' colorways too.  I don't know if that was the plan with these yellow & Purple stay smokin' socks, but these might as well be L.A. Lakers socks.  I'll bet you $100 that there is at least one pair of these yellow and purple DGK socks at every single Laker game...I know a lot of pro skaters are big fans of the Lakers and go to lots of the games out there, that that just increases the chances.  I just know with all the fans of basketball and marijuana in California, there is probably more pairs of this colorway walkin around on the streets than I can imagine.

dgk purple yellow socks

If you live in L.A. leave a comment on this post and let me know if this is the hot colorway to wear out there during basketball season.  I know if they did a Carolina Panthers colorway, all of North Carolina would be sold out immediately.  Either HUF or DGK should do a throwback Charlotte Hornets colorway in the weed socks...everyone goes gaga over teal and purple!

bottom dgk yellow purple weed socks

Anyways, heck out some of these yellow & purple weed socks, AKA Lakers weed socks, for sale through the following eBay auctions...and keep an eye out for some Hornets colors Weed socks, lets make this happen!

weed socks online

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4 comments on “DGK Stay Smokin’ Weed Socks – Yellow & Purple
  1. Troye Barker says:

    Hey I was just wondering of you ship to Australia?

  2. xbigboy says:

    were are yous located is there a store i cango to

    • john says:

      naw unfortunately all we got is dis website…lemme know if theres a certain colorway you’re looking for.

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