HUF Plantlife – Jade Heather & Navy

Here we have another addition to the Spring 2014 collection from HUF have already seen the snazzy new glow in the dark weed socks from last week...well this time its even better!  The Jade Heather and Navy weed socks are going to be a real hit this Spring along with other super unconventional colorways that contain no green at all; this colorway is sure to draw some attention and look good with some crazy colored sneakers you may want to throw on with them.

jade heather navy weed socks

These socks will both look good and feel super nice on your feet.  Like all socks featured in our store, these are 100% authentic HUF weed socks with double layer heel/toe and Jacquard knit pattern...very comfy!  Look out for the HUF logo on the top of the sock on the outside...that is how you know they are the real deal!  You will know a fake pair because they will be super cheap and not very comfortable.  Don't buy the fake sh*t.

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