Strathcona Stockings – Mary Jane Weed Print

For the girls out there who have always wished that there was a more feminine, fashionable weed print sock, I present to you the Mary Jane Stockings from Strathcona Stockings.  I have to admit, these look very, very nice...a much more dainty rendition of a sorta scumbag idea.  This is an interpretation of weed leaf print clothing that my mother and grandmother might actually enjoy.  The Mary Jane stockings are part of designer Ryley O'Byrne's new line of brightly colored socks that are the perfect foil for the current round of cropped trousers, says Wmagazine, lol.
mary jane strathcona stockings

Other designs from this line include original images of fruits and birds.  These socks are specially printed in the USA...and because they are individually printed, the exact elements featured change slightly with every sock.  Check em out.


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  1. Keaira Womack says:

    How do I purchase these socks?

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