HUF Plantlife – Grey Heather & Wine

I know you probably haven't heard enough about socks with weed leaves on them yet today, so I figured I would help you out and tell you about the grey heather & wine weed sock colorway from HUF Plantlife.  Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen, there is finally a weed sock for fans of grey heather AND wine; no longer are the grey heather fans forced to go without a dark red wine color on their sock...finally the two can both exist on one sock.

huf plantlife grey wine

When anyone mentions the word "Hero," I know the first word that comes to my mind is HUF - because this brand is truly one of the great heroes of our generation, finally allowing us to enjoy the cool, strict world of heather grey with the slippery and seductive taste of wine.  Like all socks available in our weed sock store, these socks are 100% authentic HUF products that are super comfortable on your feet.

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