Weed Apparel – Here to Stay?

It seems like marijuana print clothing used to be reserved for only the dudes who were really into smoking pot - only hippies and random weirdos at Spencer Gifts would really be seen wearing a shirt with a weed leaf on it.  Somewhere in the last 10 years that really kind of changed...I guess a lot of peoples' opinion on pot changed, but more so in the fashion world...I guess if you consider weed socks to really be fashion.

hippie weed shirtThis big embrace of weed socks and all this other weed shit really came along with the mainstream embrace of streetwear.  Streetwear.  Wow.  Streetwear is whatever.  People go too crazy over streetwear and are usually pretty big elitist dicks about it.  Weed socks are cool though.  So, are weed socks here to stay?  YES OF COURSE GO LOOK IN THE STORE.


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