Fresh Supply of Cannibis Socks for your Feet!

Updates have been few and far between lately, and for that I apologize...but it's only been because we didn't have any product to offer.  All that has changed and the weed sock store has been re-stocked with some new colors and better prices on some of the hottest weed leaf socks of the summer.  These WPD socks are high quality double layer heel/toe and jacquard knit pattern....but what's really nice about these socks, especially for the summer, is that they are thinner and more breathable than some of the bulkier weed socks on the market.

grey black weed socks

These socks come in a variety of cool colors and you should definitely check them all out.  Pictured above is one of my favorite colorways - heather grey and usual the darker colors are my favorite.  But don't let my stupid opinion sway you in your decision making.

all socks featured in our store, these are double layer heel/toe and Jacquard knit pattern...very comfy, one size fits all!

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