HUF Plantlife – Yellow & Charcoal Grey

Just when you thought Spring was here, it gets all rainy and dark and shitty outside again...those pastel weed socks just won't do in this kind of weather.  For the rain, doom and gloom you need some charcoal grey in your life to reflect the shitty grey clouds raining on your parade.  The Yellow and Charcoal Grey Plantlife Weed Socks from HUF are nice for this kind of weather...dark but not too dark; a little charcoal grey with some yellow marijuana leaves set on top to bring the best out of a whatever day.

yellow charcoal weed socks

Like all HUF weed socks these are one size fits all, including girls...and as we all know, girls love to wear the weed socks.  Check out some of the best deals on eBay through the following auctions on the yellow and charcoal grey plantlife socks below!

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