Cool Colors for the Summer, COMING SOON!

Word on the street is that we are expecting some new, cooler color combinations to come in sometime next week!  It's getting hot out there, and the traditional black and green weed socks, however sick they might look, aren't the coolest (as in not blistering hot) colors on a hot summer day.  We should be getting in some grey and pink, and some grey and blue socks...perfect for the summer girl and summer boy.


Here's an idea, get the grey and pink weed socks for your girl, and the blue ones for yourself...sure people might think you are one of those weirdo matching couples, but it'll just be so cute.  Or be rebellious and switch socks.  Dudes wear the pinks and girls wear the blue; TAKE THAT SOCIETY!  We will keep you updated and let you know when these thangs come in and go up for sale in the weed sock store.

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