HUF Plantlife – Purple & Pink

Today we are talking about the Purple & Pink Plantlife Socks from HUF...but we aren't just talking about the weed socks today; while doing my usual rounds on the web for cool shit to list, I did a search for the purple & pinks and I also saw that someone had the purple and pink plantlife boxers for sale.  At the bottom of this post, you will find a link for the auction of the Plantlife boxers.  Should I start listing more weed boxers for sale on this website?

huf purple pink weed socks

HUF PLANTLIFE WEED Socks 100 Authentic PURPLE PINK $5.99
Time Remaining: 17d 12h 7m
Buy It Now for only: $5.99
Buy It Now

I mean, the name of the website is the hell would I be if I started listing boxers?  Back to the socks - these socks are super sick, perhaps more of a girly color, but I wouldn't call a dude girly if I saw him wearing them.  These will look sick on dudes or girls, and besides, it's 2013 HELLOOOO!!  Here you go, why don't you go ahead and checkout these HUF Plantlife Boxers below that match perfectly with the above weed socks.  Now your girl will think you're even cooler when you wake up in the morning weeded out...head to toe...straight outta bed.  Maybe she even wants to be weeded out head to tow.

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