HUF Plantlife Baby Seeds – White & Green

We are on a roll here...two posts in two days, WOW!  Yesterday we showed you the Pink and White Baby Seeds, the baby friendly version of the HUF Plantlife socks that are running wild in a high school or college campus near you.  These baby seeds are similar to the others except instead of a pink and white sock, these come with a green and white sock to accompany that sick black and white baby weed sock.  These also come in a cute little dime bag so your baby can really learn the ropes at a young age!  These baby seeds are sized for infants up to 6 months so they are for little tiny baby feet.

huf baby seeds green whiteI must have just not noticed last time I looked at the baby weed socks, but these say HUF on the back.  lol they all say that, whoops.  Check out the auctions below for the white and green infant weed socks!

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