HUF Plantlife – Orange, Yellow & Black

Do you love marijuana print accessories AND Halloween?  Well, then this is your lucky day because we have some Orange, Yellow & Black HUF Plantlife Weed socks in stock, just in time for October 31st!  These socks are obviously Orange with accents of Yellow and Black in the leaves making them the perfect sock to bust out for Halloween.  These socks could go great with a pumpkin costume or anything could just pretend to be a cool dude and wear these socks around; that's a great costume idea, right?

Like all of the other HUF socks for sale in our store, these are 100% Authentic!  Featuring double layer heel/toe and Jacquard knit pattern, these weed socks are guaranteed to be very comfortable on any size foot.  Our socks ship from NC making it pretty easy to get these socks anywhere in the US within 3-4 days.  Check them out!

halloween weed socks

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