HUF Plantlife – Christmas Stockings

It's almost that time again...Christmas is right around the corner and I'm sure the main thing on  your mind is, "OH DAM I NEED A NEW STOCKING TO HANG."  Well, don't worry because we have you covered.  Check out the HUF Plantlife Christmas Stocking in classic green and red  Christmas colors, WOW!  This is a pretty butter stocking though...way more butter than that old piece of shit you've been using.  This stocking is so big don't even want to know all the candy and treats this thing can fit in this thing.

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OH WOW I HAVE A GREAT IDEA...just thing about coming downstairs Christmas morning and seeing this fat stocking hung over the fireplace full of every color from the Holiday 2013 Plantlife Collection, wow what a glorious day that would be indeed...WOW!

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