Tie Dye HUF Plantlife Weed Socks

One of my favorite parts of the Holiday 2013 Collection from HUF, is the Tie Dye colorways featured in the Plantlife releases; two of the hottest colors that I have seen in a long time are both a trippy and cool looking tie dye design.  The purple tie dye weed socks feature an interesting Purple and light pink tie dye design with accents of white on the leaves.  I really love the purple joints but there is something about black that will always be my favorite color in any sort of apparel, including socks.  Make sure you check out the black tie dye socks in addition to the purps.  This season's collection is one of the best I have ever seen released...I have been really hyped on the new HUF stuff, including pushing their footwear and skate program harder than they ever have IMO.

purple tie dye weed
huf black tie dye holiday 2013

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