OMNI Weed Socks

Hello Stoners is proud to announce the debut of our new brand, OMNI. Same great weed socks but the difference is; you will be supporting a rad small business based in Brooklyn New York. omni_green

Choose from our most popular colorway combinations: White-Green, Black-Green, Black-White, or Grey-Black. We will also be carrying graphic t-shirts and other cool accessories soon, so stay tuned for all the new stuff popping up in 2015!

Which reminds me; THE HOLIDAYS are here and it's a perfect occasion for you to give your loved ones a pair of weed socks OR show your support in the legalization of marijuana anywhere you go, which is just as (if not more) important as celebrating the birth of JC. As you all know, legalization of cannabis in the United States has already weakened Mexican cartels and, unless you've been living under a rock you know what type of violence is going on in Central America because of the war on drugs. If you don't like confrontation but you're down for the cause then the OMNI socks are a perfect symbol of your support and love for WEED.

Happy Holidaze dudes,




Marijuana Socks Santa

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