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It is fairly obvious to notice the youthful surge in popularity amongst marijuana print accessories and clothing in recent years, especially when it comes the sock game!  As with most popular trends these days, The marijuana sock fashion statement started blossoming within the skateboard community with companies like HUF SF and DGK being the biggest, most widely known and respected brands to create this style of apparel.  Like everything else, these brands have been adopted and appreciated by the street wear and sneaker head communities bringing the look more into the limelight and creating a market for more than just skateboarders.  Hipsters, streetwear/sneaker dudes, 'rebellious' teens, skaters and stoners can now come together as one and enjoy wearing socks with weed leaves on them.  Take that, mom!

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  • We are MarijuanaSocks.com
  • We sell 100% authentic HUF Plantlife & DGK Weed Socks
  • We are located on the internet, but we ship from NC
  • The website started as a referral site for auctions on eBay, but since eBay is flooded with fakes, we started a full blown eCommerce store for your authentic Plantlife needs
  • We have been running this website since the start of 2013
  • MarijuanaSocks.com is ran by weed socks

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