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HUF Plantlife Weed Scarf – Olive

It is cold as hell outside…especially if you are on the East coast…but I think generally everyone is cold right now.  During cold ass weather like this, you can never underestimate the power of a scarf.  I don’t wear scarves

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HUF Plantlife – Baby Blue & Pink

Check out these baby blue & pink weed socks from the Fall 2013 HUF Plantlife line.  This has been a super sick season for new colorways and new styles of weed socks, including the baby seeds…weed socks for babies.  I

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HUF Plantlife Baby Seeds – White & Green

We are on a roll here…two posts in two days, WOW!  Yesterday we showed you the Pink and White Baby Seeds, the baby friendly version of the HUF Plantlife socks that are running wild in a high school or college

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HUF Plantlife – Pink, Orange & White

I knew I would get around to posting these sick weed socks sooner or later…The Plantlife socks you are currently feasting your eyes on are yet another colorway from the Summer 2013 Collection.  This is a PINK SOCK with Orange

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