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HUF Plantlife – Black & Blue

Black and blue weed socks – I am surprised this colorway hasn’t been mentioned yet on this website.  Just to make sure, let me check real quick…*pause*…OK that is correct, we have not yet mentioned a black and blue weed

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HUF Plantlife – Jade Heather & Navy

Here we have another addition to the Spring 2014 collection from HUF Plantlife…you have already seen the snazzy new glow in the dark weed socks from last week…well this time its even better!  The Jade Heather and Navy weed socks

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HUF Plantlife – Black & Multi

Here is a classic colorway from HUF Plantlife – the Black and Multi-color edition of these popular weed socks.  This sock is mostly black with accents of red, green and blue; the perfect colorway for any occasion or just chilling

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HUF Plantlife – Orange, Green & Blue

Check out these orange, blue and green weed socks from HUF…a trippy combination perfect for any hunting or sorta-camo enthusiast who also happens to enjoy weed leaf prints on their clothing.  Now you can go hunting in shorts and be

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