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Black & Grey Weed Sock Sale

It’s that time again…time for a  sale on some weed socks.  Today, and for as long as I forget to change the price back to the original price, these weed socks will be on sale for only $8.95.  Take advantage

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Weed Sock Re-Stock & Sale for August is finally re-stocked with some fresh new colors and also some of the best classics.  This summer has been a cool one so far which goes nicely with the new grey and light blue weed socks – perfect for the beach or going

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More Socks on the Way!

I know, I know…the store is looking a little empty at the moment, but don’t fret!  We are getting some more socks sent to our secret headquarters any day now.  Pretty soon we will have some nice new colors and

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Cool Colors for the Summer, COMING SOON!

Word on the street is that we are expecting some new, cooler color combinations to come in sometime next week!  It’s getting hot out there, and the traditional black and green weed socks, however sick they might look, aren’t the

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