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HUF Plantlife – Orange, Yellow & Black

Do you love marijuana print accessories AND Halloween?  Well, then this is your lucky day because we have some Orange, Yellow & Black HUF Plantlife Weed socks in stock, just in time for October 31st!  These socks are obviously Orange

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HUF Plantlife – Baby Blue & Pink

Check out these baby blue & pink weed socks from the Fall 2013 HUF Plantlife line.  This has been a super sick season for new colorways and new styles of weed socks, including the baby seeds…weed socks for babies.  I

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HUF Plantlife – Red, Purple, Yellow, Green & Orange

Check out this new Plantlife release, part of the Fall 2013 line from HUF!  Brace yourself for when I tell you how many damn colors are on this sock…these are the red, green, yellow, purple and orange weed socks…wow that’s

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