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Summer Time fun with those Weed Socks!

It’s been awhile since you heard from your weed sock pals, but rest assured the train is still chuggin along!  So what’s new with you?  That’s cool!  We are offering all sorts of brands of socks now, in all different

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Cool Colors for the Summer, COMING SOON!

Word on the street is that we are expecting some new, cooler color combinations to come in sometime next week!  It’s getting hot out there, and the traditional black and green weed socks, however sick they might look, aren’t the

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Plantlife weed Socks – Black & Pink

This one goes out to all the ladies who are looking to show off how SUPER BADASS they are without going fully “bro” in the marijuana clothing department.  The black sock with pink weed leaves is the perfect way to be

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HUF Plantlife – Black & Blue

Black and blue weed socks – I am surprised this colorway hasn’t been mentioned yet on this website.  Just to make sure, let me check real quick…*pause*…OK that is correct, we have not yet mentioned a black and blue weed

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