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Aqua & Orange Weed Socks

You may have already seen these socks in the store, but this is an OFFICIAL post letting you all know that we have some super sick Aqua and Orange weed socks now available at a reduced price!  You might be

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HUF Plantlife – Orange, Yellow & Black

Do you love marijuana print accessories AND Halloween?  Well, then this is your lucky day because we have some Orange, Yellow & Black HUF Plantlife Weed socks in stock, just in time for October 31st!  These socks are obviously Orange

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HUF Plantlife – Red, Purple, Yellow, Green & Orange

Check out this new Plantlife release, part of the Fall 2013 line from HUF!  Brace yourself for when I tell you how many damn colors are on this sock…these are the red, green, yellow, purple and orange weed socks…wow that’s

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HUF Plantlife – Pink, Orange & White

I knew I would get around to posting these sick weed socks sooner or later…The Plantlife socks you are currently feasting your eyes on are yet another colorway from the Summer 2013 Collection.  This is a PINK SOCK with Orange

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