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Celebrities Wearing Weed – Wiz Khalifa

This is crazy, this is crazy…here is photo proof of celebrity rapper and distinguished foot model,Wiz Khalifa, wearing a pair of pink and purple weed socks…WHILE ALSO SMOKING WEED!  Who in their right mind would have ever expected Wiz Khalifa

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HUF Plantlife – Red, Purple, Yellow, Green & Orange

Check out this new Plantlife release, part of the Fall 2013 line from HUF!  Brace yourself for when I tell you how many damn colors are on this sock…these are the red, green, yellow, purple and orange weed socks…wow that’s

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HUF Plantlife – Purple & White

This is a pretty sick colorway in the HUF Plantlife weed socks…I know I say that about basically every single pair of socks with a weed leaf on it, but it’s true this time.  This color can go well on

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DGK Stay Smokin’ Weed Socks – Yellow & Purple

Weed socks are being produced for all types of special occasions and holidays, including Halloween; it would only make sense to make some weed socks using big sports teams’ colorways too.  I don’t know if that was the plan with

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