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If you haven’t already checked it out, go to like our facebook page because its really pretty tight!  There u can find funny pictures of weed socks, funny pictures of dogs with weed socks, and even pictures like the following: There

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RIGHT NOW, in the weed sock store, you can find a replenished inventory of some of your favorite weed sock color combinations!  No longer will you have to go without a brand new pair of white and green weed socks…you can

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Black & Grey Weed Sock Sale

It’s that time again…time for a  sale on some weed socks.  Today, and for as long as I forget to change the price back to the original price, these weed socks will be on sale for only $8.95.  Take advantage

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Will You Get in Trouble for Wearing Weed Socks?

Part of my daily routine is to browse the internet for news and stories related to what I am working with or topics I am writing about.  Today I was doing a search for recent posts or mentions in the news

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